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Embrace your flaws. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t cry at the smallest of things, at cheesy moments within horrific 90s comedies; at the thought of waking up in fifteen years time in the same city; at the ending of a favourite book; at the way my lover looks at me when he first wakes up in the morning. I wouldn’t be me if I got to sleep before four in the morning on any given night of the week. I wouldn’t be me if I remembered to feed myself three times a day - though perhaps this skill will develop in time. I wouldn’t be me without chipped fingernails and home-done tattoos above my knees.

Embrace your flaws. You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t squint at the sunlight on your way to work, reminding yourself for the dozenth time to go and pick up your sunglasses from that one-night-stand back in September; if you didn’t take an extra slice of toast some mornings, even though you’re meant to be watching your weight. You wouldn’t be you if you stopped buying books despite not yet having read the ones from last month’s op-shop haul; if you didn’t nod your head and pretend to know every band your cooler friends were talking about; you wouldn’t be you if you perfected every little thing you worry yourself with before you fall asleep.

Embrace your flaws. The person you love wouldn’t be the person you love if they didn’t show up late sometimes; if they didn’t drive you crazy by stealing your clothes to wear to sleep; if they didn’t have scars that make you uncomfortable sometimes; if they didn’t promise to make you tea and then hand you a cup, stone cold, hours later wondering why you never drank it when they never handed it to you at all.

Embrace your flaws. If we were all perfect, we’d have no way of knowing who we are; we’d have nothing to ever do with ourselves; we’d have nothing to fall in love with.

Embrace, by Daisy Lola. (via spearmintblonde)

(via spearmintblonde)